Who is this course for?

Perhaps you study the environment or are a life-long activist? Or maybe you're slowly becoming more aware about the changing climate?

Well then this course could be for you! It has been developed for those who are passionate about the environment, whether you know about the term eco-anxiety and how to develop your eco-resilience or not, we will guide you through it.

How will you learn?

This is a self-taught course consisting of two modules made up of text, infographics and an animation.

What will you learn?

Firstly, you will learn or strengthen your knowledge on eco-anxiety. Then, this course will provide you with ways to strengthen your resilience and continue to fight climate change. We will provide you a wide range of methods to connect with nature from within your own home to in the great outdoors!

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to Eco-Anxiety
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  How to connect with nature and improve your Eco Resilience
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  Support The Word Forest Organisation
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